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Submission Guidelines


Updated: May 31, 2017

The goal of this website is to provide entertainment and information, primarily in the form of satire and humour. It is for the benefit of readers and authors, but before we attract readers, we must find authors. Accordingly, we are seeking writers of quality material to contribute blogs in the form of articles, sketches, critiques, short stories, plays, scripts, cartoons and other approved formats. Please read our WELCOME PAGE for a description of the type of material we are seeking, which may evolve as we become established. You should also read our Terms and Conditions concerning the type of material that is not acceptable including without limitation obscene, crude or vulgar content.

We are seeking material from writers all over the world, but all content must be in the English language. Although our initial focus is on satire, the world could use a good dose of humour. Accordingly, we encourage both—from established writers and others. We intend to establish relationships with universities and colleges in order to encourage students interested in creative writing. If your work has not found its way into the pages of The New Yorker, perhaps you should consider us. While social or political commentary is welcome, it must be in the style of satire or humour.

Registration is required for individuals who wish to become blog contributors, but not for those who merely want to submit comments. The first step is to register on our Contributor Registration Form, using the link provided below. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to register. Registration will require a minimum amount of personally identifiable information, including your legal name, pseudonym (if any), mailing address, and email address; registration data about you is subject to our Privacy Policy.

After registration, you may submit either a completed blog document (using our Contributor Submissions form) or a summary of a suggested blog to inquire as to our interest in the topic (using our Contact form). Our Editor will make all decisions as to whether or not to publish your material on our website and whether any editing is required. We reserve the right to edit your work, which is generally limited to formatting, grammar and spell checks, not content, and to make appropriate changes as determined by the Editor. However, it is not our policy to make major changes without consulting you; in such cases, we will generally not accept the work instead of consulting you. If a spelling and grammar check discloses significant mistakes, we will also not accept the work as it is your canstockphoto25959922 proofreading 10responsibility as an author to review your work carefully and to submit a finished product, whether or not English is your first language. We generally use British English for our material, but you may use either British or American English.

Submissions should be in Word (doc or docx), Rich Text Document, or PDF, left alignment, with “THE END” typed at the end of your material. You must use our submission form instead of pasting material into the body of an email, as formatting is usually lost. You are responsible for maintaining backup copies of your work, both before and after submission or publication. You will be asked to indicate whether or not your material has been published previously, and if so, where and when.

You retain copyright ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in your content or material submitted for publication on our website, subject to the license granted to us and to our website users. All content on our website is provided free of charge; thus, we do not compensate contributors. Please review our Terms and Conditions concerning your rights under our licensing provisions before submitting any content or material.

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