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About Us

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When we figure what we are all about, we will let you know. In the meantime, here are a few thoughts to get started.

Writers out looking for story ideas, or maybe the nearest bar.

People’s concerns today include jobs, the economy, government spending, health care, climate change, national security, immigration and poverty, to name a few. Hollywood and others have their special causes that they promote, and of course, they know best. The world, especially in certain areas, is full of shortages: water, food, housing, jobs, medicine and healthcare.

Has not anyone noticed that what is lacking most of all in today’s world is humour? This may be the result of some global vitamin deficiency, or more likely, political correctness spreading much as an unstoppable virus or plague released from Pandora’s jar, which has now morphed into so-called safe spaces. Hearing, seeing or expressing anything the least bit offensive (to more than three persons on the planet) is not acceptable in many circles.

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We believe in freedom of expression and the exchange of ideas and different opinions, and, God forbid, using the brain to do one’s own thinking on occasion. In order to do our small bit, we will provide content that we hope you will find entertaining and perhaps stimulating; you may also learn something along the way. Satire may or may not be humorous so we will also provide humorous content.

Here is an updated version of a well-known quotation from François-Marie Arouet, a satirical polemicist better known as Voltaire.

I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself.
– Oscar Wilde

It you are thin skinned and easily offended (even if you are not sure why), you might follow the example of the ostrich and put your head in the sand, a safe space where you will not hear words or ideas that might upset you or give you a headache or a rash. canstockphoto10836625 Upset person 15

To exit go up the stairs quickly and turn left. canstockphoto12254696 - Stairway - up - 10

When you get home, take three euphemisms with a glass of water and lie down for half an hour.

For the rest of you, full speed ahead. We eagerly await blog contributors with originality who can spell correctly.

Richard Heagy, Editor