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Aristophanes 2Satire has been around since the days of Aristophanes in ancient Greece. Our goal is to provide entertainment to those who believe in the freedom of creative expression and enjoy reading something longer than a text message. We will cover a variety of topics that we (and hopefully you) find interesting, amusing, or ridiculous in today’s world. Our posts will be in the form of articles, sketches, critiques, plays and other formats, and will include satire, irony, parody, ridicule, and the most far-fetched ideas. Things which immediately come to mind are current UK and US elections, copyright law as applicable to monkey-selfies, and of course EU bureaucracy and its stream of endless regulations (large, small and petty).

If Dumb and Dumber is your cup of tea Teacup

    or if you have no sense of humour,  dreamstimeextrasmall_29571529-18    goodbye and have a nice day.

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